Paranoria Texas Timbuk The Weasel ;

Paranoria Texas Hydra From Hell ;

Paranoria Texas Alfred The Waiting Waiter ;

Paranoria Texas Alley The Transformed One ;

Paranoria Texas Jose The Mexican ;




Tyler Comic-Con  Commercial : The Joker

Anti Bullying commercial : Joe Burns

Beneath Video Game Trailer Xavier



(Video games)
Tails of Mirorder multiple roles
Memory Tree Asas the Spymaster ;
Memory Tree Hydi ;
Desire The Inspector ;
Desire Guard 1 ;

(Movies )

The Runners Xavier ;
The Ducks & Dogs Burns the Goose ; <strong

The League city Hockey movie  The Russian 

The Sculptor Italian Mafia Goon
Submerged in Fear Jack 

Heart Strings John
Club Wired Alexander ; 3 am productions
Zoolaplex Movie Customer ; No Studio In Particular
Zoolaplex Movie Maddox ; No Studio in Particular
Dagon:Troll World The Ambassador
Dagon:Troll World Troll Henchmen
Dagon:Troll World Herschel the Hobgoblin

(Tv Show)
Murder Made me Famous Cult member ; Reelzchannel
Queen of the South Cartel Member ; USA Network
Legend of Marithia Voice of Karven the Dragon King
(Audio Comic)

StarShip MoonHawk General Kraz 
Space Destroyer Hunter Multple Roles  /  Additional Voices

Voice Talent